2018: Jacarandas Kakemonos Nueva York - Buenos Aires.

2016: Showcase performance, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Salta, Argentina.

2016: “Efemerides I Exhibition”, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.

2016: Samohú Workshops, Casona Carlos Thays, Buenos Aires Botanical Garden.

2015: "Jacarandá · Coroleu". Clásica y Moderna, Buenos Aires.

2015: Samohú Workshops, Buenos Aires Botanical Garden.

2014: Galeria Arcimboldo, Capital Federal; Paintings “Study of seasons” – Virtual Hanami

2013: Rosa Galisteo Museum, Rodriguez, Santa Fe. Presentation of Artists Book in the Foundational Exhibition of the Argentinean Centre Artists Book.

2012: Gachi Prieto Gallery en Clásica y Moderna.

2012: “Flowering in Buenos Aires: A look into the flowers of a far southern city”. Consulate General of Argentina, New York.

2012: “Vi flores”. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

2011: “Trees Coroleu” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Salta.

2010: “Trees Coroleu” Arcimboldo, Galería de Arte, Buenos Aires.

2009: “Carlos Thays, a French gardener in Argentina”. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

2008: “Watercolouring Coroleu”. Centro de la interpretación de la Reserva Ecologica de
Buenos Aires during the visit of Your Imperial Highness Hisako Takamado.

2007-2008: "Native Flowers, workshops in Buenos Aires and Salta" official presentation
of the Project Samohu for the protection of the native flora, with the presence of
Carlos Thays IV, Abril Cultural, Casa de la Cultura de Salta.

2007-2009: "Project Samohu", Carlos Thays House, Botanic Gardens, Buenos Aires.

2005: "Our Flowers" House of Culture, Salta.

2005: “Flowering" As a tribute to Juanele Ortiz, La vieja Usina de Paraná, Entre Ríos.

2005: "Argentinean Flowers", Cardon, Buenos Aires.

2004-2009: "Presentation of the Buenos Aires and Salta workshops" Botanical Gardens,
Buenos Aires.

2004: "The new flowering Buenos Aires" Clásica y Moderna, Buenos Aires.

2003: "Buenos Aires Flowering during the night" Clásica y Moderna, Buenos Aires.

2003: "Oriental Painting" Clásica y Moderna, Buenos Aires.

2002: "January in Buenos Aires" Clásica y Moderna, Buenos Aires.

2001: "Tango and Flowers" Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.

2001: "Flowering Buenos Aires" Alianza Francesa, Buenos Aires.

2001: " The flowers of the Jacaranda" Universidad de Moron, Buenos Aires.

1990-1995: Exhibitions in the Japanese Circuit (Centro Cultural Embajada de Japón,
Jardin Japones, etc)

Filming of the documentary for NHK, japanese state channel. Subject: Jacaranda blossom and the artist in her environment, at work and the Hanami Nativo.
Acquirement the “Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Salta”, for the work "Sin Titulo
2009" of the series Branches and Trees. Edition catalog 2012 for the Museum.
Published book: "Flowering Buenos Aires", edited by Vaca Ediciones with the support of
the Buenos Aires government.
2009: Cristina's work has been included in the Buenos Aires Government Cultural
Catalog. Together with the French Embassy, they exposed: “Carlos Thays, un jardinero
frances en la Argentina” in the prestigious Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
2007: Illustrations for "La Victoria de los jardines: el paisaje de Victoria Ocampo".
2007: Recognition of the Project Samohu as a Cultural Interest for the City of Buenos
Aires granted by the Buenos Aires Legislature.
2006: "Native Plants" Calendar, edited by Revista Jardin.
2005: Illustrations for the Story Book, edited by Vergara & Riba.
2004: Internacional Landscaping Seminar, "The artistic point of view", Central Arquitects
Society, Buenos Aires.